Human Being

Human Being is the solo project of Alessio Catozzi a musician, producer and piano player. He is also a rings player and a life player.  “Everything is not like it seems” is his first release (CD 2019)



“A very interesting, balanced and conscious album, full of glamorous suggestions between electronics and indie experiments; I feel worth mentioning Your Home and Pearls To Pigs.”

Classic Rock Italia

“Eclectic and personal – musically declined towards electronic scene with references of the dark wave of the 80s but also open to jazz,  songwriting and a little of bit of prog music.”

Alias – Il Manifesto

“It is a very particular record, out of the noise, almost meaningless, of the stereotypical indie rock scene of today; it scores a first trial that is a continuous surprise.”

Indie Per Cui

Atmosphere and substance, from the inner North an album that goes through decades of sensations, restoring consistency on the surface and a limitless wonderful introspection in the depths of one’s being.”


“It is a very interesting first solo album this one by Alessio Catozzi: “Everything is not like seems”. It goes trough a path of seven tracks, I could say emotional, as it touch the pain but also  the desire to don’t give up.”


“Big debut for Alessio Catozzi, aka Human Being, with the album “Everything Is Not Like It Seems”. Seven Tracks of Alternative Rock flavor but with more interesting and fine skills where the whole musical vein of Alessio is used to makes this trip short but intense”